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How Does a Talented Concrete Contractor Build a Retaining Wall

How to Construct Stable Retaining Walls

If you live in a property with a certain slope and landscape, constructing beautiful and solid retaining walls could be the ideal solution. They will keep the soil in place and will prevent its erosion and damage to the surrounding structures, not to mention, their unquestionable advantages for your home’s appearance. Here are the few steps a trustworthy concrete contractor goes trough to get the job done:

  • Up front check-ups. Before a contractor starts the step-by-step process of building your retaining walls, he must check the city regulations and laws permitting this kind of project. He will have to check the city layout to make sure there are no pipe or sewage lines in the digging zone.
  • Digging the trench. After speaking with you first, a professional will begin the relevant measurements and calculations. He will need to assess how many concrete blocks will be needed for your project. Using contemporary tools and equipment, he will dig a trench a little bit wider than the blocks themselves. He will make perfect leveling, so your wall won’t go haywire. Land grading is extremely important.
  • Laying the blocks. After the trench is dug and leveled correctly, it is time to lay the first concrete blocks. An expert will start from the edges at the lowest end. The first stone must be placed front to back and side to side. With the help of hammers and a string, he will position each of the blocks in the trench according to the string line. He will continue laying the stones in a strict order.
  • Laying additional rows of blocks. Every row of blocks must be straight. A specialist will pay extreme caution to provide even retaining wall edges. He will continue laying a few more courses of stones and periodically checking their leveling until the desired height is reached.
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