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Concrete Service Tips on How to Repair Cracks

Has Your Concrete Drive Started to Crack?  

When it comes to repairing cracks in concrete, it is not as hard as one may think. It involves cleaning the cracks out and then using a concrete patching compound or caulk to fill in the space. On larger cracks, you will need to add some sand before the patching compound can be used. Once the cracks are filled, you will need to leave it to cure. For concrete which is severely damaged, or if the cracks are in your foundations, then you will need to consult with a professional concrete service.


Owning your own home does come with some responsibilities, and one of those is to maintain the concrete areas around your home. It is advisable to do repairs as soon as you start to notice any cracks for various reasons. Cracks are easier to repair while they relatively minor. Also, safety is another reason to get repairs done as soon as possible, as the homeowner will be responsible for any injuries which happen on their property, and large cracks may result in someone tripping or falling. Cracked concrete is also extremely unattractive too.

What can cause cracks

Cracks in concrete often appear in patios, driveways, sidewalks and even around the foundations. There are several things which can cause this, such as root growth and weather conditions. However, the most common one is standing water; when water is unable to drain properly, it will slowly seep between weakened sections, after which a crack will start to appear. So unless you resolve your drainage problems, then cracking will always reoccur.

Repairing minor cracks

For minor cracks, that are no more than 3 mm wide, you need to start by chipping away any flakes or loose concrete. Then clean the crack out and use a concrete compound to fill it in, you must wait until this is completely dry before walking or driving over it.

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